• To train teachers with the pedagogical skills required for teaching English as a foreign language, based on an innovative and effective methodology that allows the training of teachers in this area.
  • To train professionals who, in addition to mastering their mother tongue, achieve an advanced level of comprehension and production, both oral and written, of English.
  • To train professionals with the psycho-pedagogical, linguistic and socio-cultural knowledge that will enable them to plan, design, implement and evaluate educational programs and processes oriented to the teaching of the English language in school contexts of the 2nd cycle of primary, secondary and non-formal education.
  • English teacher in institutions in which education is provided in both English and Spanish, from the 2nd cycle of the primary level to high
  • Teacher in English language schools.
  • English language teaching program coordinator.

The Bachelor’s Degree in English oriented to Teaching graduate will be a professional with communicative competence in the English language, capable of applying pedagogical and didactic strategies and procedures in a flexible manner. Their ethical, personal and professional commitment will allow them to create diverse contexts and situations, so that their students achieve significant and quality learning. He/she will also be an open-minded, creative, autonomous and collaborative professional who reflects on his/her practice.

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