The Superintendencia de Pensiones (SIPEN) and the Instituto Cultural Domínico Americano (ICDA) renew their inter-institutional collaboration agreement.

The Superintendencia de Pensiones (SIPEN) renewed the inter-institutional collaboration agreement with the Instituto Cultural Domínico Americano (ICDA), with the aim of promoting and developing cooperation mechanisms in activities and training programs related to the academic and social mission of both institutions. Francisco A. Torres, Superintendent of Pensions and Eng. Ramón Sosa, Executive Director of the […]

“Moving towards excellence, innovation and the transformation of society” and focused on the role of the educational model of UNICDA in the formation of bicultural individuals in the 21st century, our university organized a breakfast with the participation of guidance counselors from different educational centers.

In this event, which aimed to strengthen the ties between the secondary and higher education sectors, we presented the new mission, vision and values for the period 2023-2025, as well as our educational offerings, facilities and installations. Education USA’s unit also had a special participation, highlighting the facilities offered to our educational community and the […]

A meeting with professors of UNICDA’s Master’s in Business highlights the innovative approach of this program’s educational model.

On Tuesday, April 11, a gathering of teachers of the Master’s Degree in Business at UNICDA was held. During the meeting, it was highlighted that the Master’s program focuses on a learning environment based on problems and simulation tools, as well as business games to achieve innovative solutions to common and traditional problems.   These […]

UNICDA and INESDYC sign an inter-institutional collaboration agreement

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. – The Universidad Domínico Americano (UNICDA) and the Instituto de Educación Superior en Formación Diplomática y Consular (INESDYC) signed a cooperation agreement with the purpose of generating exchanges of theoretical and practical experiences through various activities that promote and strengthen international relations with emphasis on culture, business, languages and inclusion.   Among the […]

UNICDA and ADOPNIA sign agreement to strengthen international business programs.

The Universidad Domínico Americano (UNICDA) is pleased to announce the signing of an academic collaboration agreement with the Asociación Dominicana de Profesionales de Negocios Internacionales y Afines, ADOPNIA (Dominican Association of International Business Professionals), with the main objective of strengthening the existing continuing education, undergraduate and master’s degree programs in the area of international business. […]

UNICDA and BIGDATADO join forces to promote data science and big data in the educational community.

In order to carry out activities of common interest based on the combination of science and technology, the Universidad Domínico Americano (UNICDA) and the Dominican Society of Data Science (BIGDATADO), signed an agreement that contemplates the development of a series of actions and joint projects within the academic, scientific and cultural fields, which will benefit […]

UNICDA and SOS Carbon partner to promote sustainability and research in the Dominican Republic.

The Universidad Domínico Americano (UNICDA) and the organization SOS Carbon have recently signed a collaboration agreement with the objective of promoting sustainability and research in the development of cost-effective technologies and procedures to address environmental challenges, generating value chains and a direct social impact in the communities of the Dominican Republic. This collaboration agreement aims […]

“We are committed to education and the quality of our academic offers”.

At UNICDA, our vision is centered on providing quality superior education that prepares global citizens who will transform society. We strive to remain at the forefront of international educational trends, and we firmly believe that skill-based education is the key to achieving this goal and contributing to the improvement of superior education in our country. […]