Mission, Vision, Objectives and Values


To provide and promote, in English and Spanish, the teaching of the disciplines required to respond effectively and efficiently to the educational demands of the country, forming competent citizens who contribute to the development of all areas.


To be a model of excellence that promotes integral human development through transformative education in the Dominican Republic.


To offer technical, undergraduate, graduate, post-graduate and continuing education programs that integrate scientific knowledge and professional skills with the understanding and management of English as a second universal language.

To contribute to the updating of professionals, teachers, researchers, technicians and the general public in order to enable them to appropriately face the challenges of a society that aims at constant development by offering continuing education and extracurricular programs.

To contribute to the dissemination of knowledge and human, scientific and cultural values through the development of outreach programs, publications, professional services and cultural activities.

To develop, promote, and offer services to the community in order to apply the knowledge, technologies and methodologies that it teaches to contribute to the solution of social and community problems.


  • Excellence and quality
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Justice and equity
  • Teamwork
  • Community service